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Hypnobirthing Classes

Everything Birth Baby Sleep's Hypnobirthing classes are expertly designed to blend evidence-based antenatal teaching with the deep relaxation techniques and positive empowerment of hypnobirthing. Active learning and modern attitudes to birth mean these are fun and relaxed sessions where parents-to-be can learn what to expect, what choices they may need to consider along their birth journey, how to manage labour and how to prepare for the arrival of their new baby.

Hypnobirthing is an approach to labour and birth that enables the birthing parent to descend into deep relaxation and encourage the unconscious mind to enter its natural state, in order to manage the discomfort and anxiety many people link with childbirth. Births tend to be shorter, with less reported perception of pain and reduction in perceived trauma.

Hypnobirthing also encourages flexibility to manage potential changes during the labour and birth journey, parents are empowered to choose which techniques feel right for them and will work the best, in whichever situation they may find themselves in, and whichever way birth happens for them. Hypnobirthing can also be used for cesarean births, as the main focus is on deep relaxation and maintaining a positive mindset towards birth.

Classes are run over 4 consecutive Monday evenings from 7-9.30pm in the lovely lounge of St Andrews House, Hatters Lane, High Wycombe, plus one 2hr online session on another evening within that 4 weeks.

1:1 sessions are also available for parents who would like the course to be brought to them and taught on an individual basis. The course can be tailored to your exact needs and birth plans and can be split over 2 longer or 3 shorter sessions. 

What is included with the Everything Birth Baby Sleep Hypnobirthing course?

  • 12 hours of tailored Antenatal education and Hypnobirthing teaching

  • Preparation for bringing your baby home and how to care for a newborn

  • Your own Hypnobirthing workbook to accompany the course and help you plan your birth

  • 3 Hypnobirthing MP3's to listen to regularly as part of your preparation and relaxation

  • Access to further Hypnobirthing scripts for all scenarios

  • A goody bag full of fabulous freebies!

  • A WhatsApp group to share additional resources and help you get to know your fellow parents-to-be on the course with you

  • Postnatal meet up when all the babies have arrived!

  • Ongoing bespoke postnatal support if needed

When in my pregnancy should I start to take classes?

You can start any time from 12 weeks and the earlier you start, the longer you have to practice the Hypnobirthing exercises and techniques, so that they become natural and easy for you to relax into, however most people choose to book a class for when they are approximately 25 - 30 weeks pregnant. However, if you are further on in your pregnancy than this, it is not too late! You can benefit from classes any time up until you give birth, they will still prepare you for what to expect, help you to relax and trust your body and empower you through the choices you may face during your birth journey. ​

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

There are multiple benefits to Hypnobirthing, not just for the birthing parent but also for the birth partner and the baby too! Hypnobirthing helps both the birthing parent and their partner to feel empowered and in control of things, they both have roles to play - and the birth partner has a particularly important role to play in advocating for the birthing parent, and to help co regulate them and keep them calm and focused on their breathing and relaxation. The baby also benefits, as the increase in oxytocin floods through to the baby, assists them in birth and also helps them to feel gentle calmness of birth that is possible with self hypnosis and deep relaxation. 

What makes your classes different from all the others?

I'm not just a qualified Antenatal and Hypnobirthing teacher, I also work as a Newborn Care Specialist (Maternity Nurse) and have over 25 years' experience working with families and babies all the way from newborn twins to teenagers - including as a Nanny, Maternity Practitioner, and as a Holistic Sleep Coach. I have extensive training in all aspects of child care and development and so my classes also include plenty of preparation for bringing your baby home and what to expect, not just how to manage labour and birth. I am able to offer ongoing postnatal support as well as bespoke newborn care or advice if needed. 

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