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Welcome to Everything Birth Baby Sleep

Everything Birth Baby Sleep's Pregnancy Relaxation, Hypnobirthing and Postnatal classes are expertly designed to blend evidence based teaching, relaxation techniques, and modern attitudes to birth and postnatal support - to form inclusive, welcoming and sociable classes for all parents-to-be.


Classes have a strong focus on supporting and boosting perinatal mental health, and are taught by an experienced Newborn Care Specialist, Holistic Sleep Coach and Antenatal Educator who can support you right through from pregnancy, birth - and beyond!

Fun and relaxed sessions where parents-to-be can learn what to expect, what choices they may face during labour and birth, how to stay relaxed, focused, and positive, and how to prepare for the arrival of their new baby and the postnatal period. 

This time can be exciting and much awaited, but also overwhelming and exhausting at times. Everything Birth Baby Sleep classes prepare parents for birth - and also beyond birth, with a strong focus on connection, relaxation, supporting mental health and increasing resilience.


Then of course there's the added bonus of meeting other new parents to be, going through the same thing and forming friendships and bonds that often last forever!

Newborn Support and Holistic Sleep Coaching is also available, so you don't need to be alone in wondering if your baby will ever go to sleep, or worrying whether feeding is going well, or when you will one day feel 'normal' again!

Non judgemental, unbiased, and informative classes, great friendships included as standard!

Emily with baby

If you have any questions, would like to know when the next course is or when you should book for, or discuss your newborn care needs, please do drop me an email at, feel free to call me on 07830 446991 or fill in the contact form.


I’d love to hear from you!

Emily x

Founder of Everything Birth Baby Sleep

and Sweet Dreams Sleep Coaching

Image by Christian Bowen
Image by Alex Hockett
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