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 Hypnobirthing Classes
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Everything Birth Baby Sleep's Hypnobirthing classes are expertly designed to blend evidence-based antenatal teaching with the deep relaxation techniques and positive empowerment of hypnobirthing. Active learning and modern attitudes to birth mean these are fun and relaxed sessions where parents-to-be can learn what to expect, what choices they may need to consider along their birth journey, how to manage labour and how to prepare for the arrival of their new baby.

Hypnobirthing is an approach to labour and birth that enables the birthing parent to independently descend into deep relaxation to encourage the unconscious mind to enter its natural state, in order to manage the discomfort and anxiety many people link with childbirth. Births tend to be shorter, with less reported perception of pain and reduction in perceived trauma.


Hypnobirthing also encourages flexibility to manage potential changes during the labour and birth journey, parents are empowered to choose which techniques feel right for them and will work the best, in whichever situation they may find themselves in.


What is included with the Everything Birth Baby Sleep Hypnobirthing course?


  • 12 hours of tailored Antenatal education and Hypnobirthing teaching

  • Preparation for bringing your baby home and how to care for a newborn

  • Your own Hypnobirthing workbook to accompany the course and help you plan your birth

  • 3 Hypnobirthing MP3's to listen to regularly as part of your preparation and relaxation

  • Access to further Hypnobirthing scripts for all scenarios

  • A goody bag full of fabulous freebies!

  • A WhatsApp group to share additional resources and help you get to know your fellow parents-to-be on the course with you

  • Postnatal meet up when all the babies have arrived!

  • Ongoing bespoke postnatal support if needed

1:1 sessions are also available for parents who would like the course to be brought to them and taught on an individual basis. The course can be tailored to your exact needs and birth plans. Please see here for more details

Woman birthing in pool
Giving Birth ceasarean

There are many options for labour and birth - home birth, water birth, midwife led unit, hospital unit or planned caesarean - some are choices you may aim towards beforehand, others may happen unexpectedly! By attending hypnobirthing classes, parents are able to make an informed choice and feel empowered and more prepared for the arrival of their precious little one. Hypnobirthing can also be used for cesarean births too, as the main focus is on deep relaxation and maintaining a positive mindset towards birth.

Hypnobirthing classes allow parents to get to know others who are expecting a baby around the same time, to share their experience with and build friendships. A postnatal social gathering once all the babies have arrived further cements the bonds that will inevitably develop, and enables the group to introduce their babies to each other to start their lifelong friendships off too!

If you'd like to become part of the Everything Birth Baby Sleep Family, you can check out course dates and book your class below!

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