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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is an approach to labour and birth that enables the birthing parent to independently descend into deep relaxation with the aim of encouraging the unconscious mind to enter its natural state, in order to manage the pain and anxiety many people link with childbirth. It helps develop positive feelings and thoughts about birth, by reframing any negative thoughts and anchoring (linking familiar and comforting thoughts and feelings to a sound, smell, visual or other cue) those positive feelings.

Should I take separate antenatal classes as well as Hypnobirthing classes?

There's no need! Everything Birth Baby Sleep's Hypnobirthing classes cover everything you need to know for any birth - what choices you may face, the role of hormones in labour and birth, how to choose where to give birth, how to prepare for birth, what to expect during the labour journey, how your birth partner can support you best, techniques to manage pain and stay relaxed and focused, breathing exercises, best positions for birth, feeding options, newborn care, postnatal support and much, much more!

When in my pregnancy should I start to take classes?

You can start any time from 12 weeks and the earlier you start, the longer you have to practice the Hypnobirthing exercises and techniques, so that they become natural and easy for you to relax into, however most people choose to book a class for when they are approximately 25-30 weeks pregnant. However, if you are further on in your pregnancy than this, its not too late! You can benefit from classes any time up until you give birth, they will still prepare you for what to expect, help you to relax and trust your body and empower you through the choices you may face during your birth journey.


What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

There are multiple benefits to Hypnobirthing, not just for the birthing parent but also for the birth partner and the baby too! Hypnobirthing helps both the birthing parent and their partner to feel empowered and in control of things, they both have roles to play - and the birth partner has a particularly important role to play in advocating for the birthing parent, and to help co regulate them and keep them calm and focused on their breathing and relaxation. The baby also benefits, as the increase in oxytocin floods through to the baby, assists them in birth and also helps them to feel the gentle calmness of birth that is possible with self hypnosis and deep relaxation. 

What if I'm planning, or unexpectedly need a cesarean section?

This doesn't matter at all! Hypnobirthing is suitable for any birth and is all about preparing you for a positive experience of birth, and the ability to deeply relax yourself and birth your baby calmly and positively, however they arrive! The deep relaxation techniques of Hypnobirthing are beneficial all the way through pregnancy as well as for the birth itself. Birthing parents can still use the relaxation, breathing and anchoring techniques during any labour, including a caesarean to help to keep calm and positive, and lower anxiety in both parties (and the baby!). Birth can still be gentle and empowering, whether it is an induction or cesarean, or other interventions are needed, and learning Hypnobirthing techniques will equip parents for all eventualities, however their birth goes in the end.

Is it dangerous to practice hypnosis during pregnancy?

Hypnobirthing is commonly misunderstood and people often think it is a form of hypnosis, in the more traditional sense. This isn’t the case at all, it is essentially just deep relaxation, controlled breathing and the learning of distraction techniques (and anchoring) to enable birthing parents to ‘stay in the zone’ and keep calm, relaxed and confident in the body's ability to birth naturally. 

Can I bring a friend or relative with me to the classes?

Of course! Every birthing parent is able to bring one birth partner with them, and this can be whoever they like, and whoever would benefit most in supporting them through the birth process! It could be a life partner, but in some cases maybe a close friend, or relative.

What if I'm unable to make any of the classes on offer?

Either the Hypnobirthing classes, or Postnatal course can be offered 1:1 either in the clients own home (dependent on location) or over Zoom/Teams, at a time to suit if you are unable to make group classes.

What if my baby comes early, before I've finished the course?

You should aim to complete your Hypnobirthing classes before you reach term (37 weeks of pregnancy). If you book a course which finishes after this, and you are then  unable to attend any or all of the sessions because your baby has been born, you will be given the choice as to whether you would like to still attend the remaining classes, or be moved across to a postnatal course. . This excludes cases where your baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. If your baby is born prior to the commencement of the course and the course is no longer relevant, you can transfer onto a postnatal course of your choice, and receive a refund of the difference. 

What makes your classes different from all the others?

I'm not just a qualified Antenatal and Hypnobirthing teacher, I also work as a Newborn Care Specialist (Maternity Nurse) and have over 25 years' experience working with families and babies all the way from newborn twins to teenagers - including as a Nanny, Maternity Practitioner, and as a Holistic Sleep Coach. I have extensive training in all aspects of child care and development and so my classes also include plenty of preparation for bringing your baby home and what to expect, not just how to manage labour and birth. I am able to offer ongoing postnatal support as well as bespoke newborn care or advice if needed. 

What else do you offer?

I also offer Pregnancy Relaxation classes, Postnatal Support, Overnight Newborn Care, Holistic Sleep Coaching and Birth Trauma (or birth fear) 3 step Release Sessions. Please see the relevant pages on this website to learn more about these options, or do get in touch and we can chat through any queries and discuss how I can support you!
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