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Newborn Care and Advice

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting and emotional event for all parents, but it can be overwhelming and daunting at times. Having a calm, highly experienced and trained professional at hand can help families settle in and get to know their little one with confidence.


I also work as a Newborn Care Specialist (also sometimes known as a Maternity Nurse or Maternity Practitioner) offering an expert guiding hand to families welcoming new additions into their lives. I provide supportive overnight care for babies from birth, as well as daytime home visits.


I offer practical, gentle, respectful and discreet support - empowering new parents and encouraging them to trust their instincts and their babies, to know what they need. I'm a huge advocate of the 4th trimester, gently supporting babies to transition into the big wide world, particularly over the first 3 months, while encouraging a natural rhythm and routine to form, that works around the needs of both the baby and the rest of the family.

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Support available to new parents during home visits or via video consultations or advice calls:​

  • Advising on sleep, new baby care, what to expect from a newborn, self care, postnatal recovery, managing unsettled periods, baby products and everything in between that you may have questions about!

  • Feeding support and guidance - breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing, combination feeding, pacing feeds, identifying potential issues and when to seek help

  • Winding and settling techniques

  • Signposting to appropriate professionals/health care experts where needed

When working overnight with families (usually 10hrs):

  • Feeding (or supporting the feeding parent), winding and settling baby so parents can get more sleep at night or rest in the day

  • Cleaning and sterilising bottles, dummies and pumping equipment

  • Changing nappies and umbilical cord care

  • Maintain nightly log sheets/app entries/notes that will track feeding times and amounts and nappy changes etc if required

  • Gentle sleep shaping and guiding towards an age appropriate routine (where applicable, with older babies)

  • Advising on any issues that may arise 

One off home visits and phone/video consultations are bookable online - for overnight care please contact me to discuss your requirements and check availability.

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