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Free Sleep Diary

Use our free Sleep Diary to help you track your child's sleep and see if it helps you spot any patterns that could indicate a need to tweak their daytime nap timings, or bedtime.


Please note, this sleep diary is for personal use only.

*The sleep diary doesn't always download on to phones in the correct layout when docx is selected - this picture illustrates how it should look, you may need to open the document using an app for Word documents, to enable enough space to write in each column.

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Sweet Slumbers eBook - A Guide To Naps For Ages 2 - 18 Months


Baby nap and sleep routines are always a popular topic of conversation amongst parents. Sweet Slumbers details what a sample day and night routine could look like for each stage of development, from 2 to 18 months old. It includes tips and advice on how to encourage positive sleep behaviour and overcome any challenges you may be having. We understand that every child and family is different, so with each guide, times can be adjusted and tweaked to suit you, your baby and your family routines.


This E-book has been written by Emily Guiver, Founder of Everything Birth Baby Sleep (previously Sweet Dreams Sleep Coaching), to provide you and your family with support and guidance as you navigate the early months with your little one.

Sweet Slumbers is a 27 page eBook which comes in pdf format. The eBook will be emailed to you following payment.

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Gentle Sleep Course 6 - 36 Months


This course aims to empower and support parents of babies and children aged 6 to 36 months by offering a gentle and holistic approach to help improve your child’s sleep. Parents come away from this course with a much clearer idea of how to tackle their child’s sleep issue and with strategies to implement straight away from night 1.

The course comprises approximately 40 minutes of lectures, which you can work through in your own time. It contains the following sections:


  • Introduction

  • Sleep needs by age and appropriate expectations

  • Sleep myths

  • Routines and naps

  • Common causes of night waking

  • A holistic approach to sleep

  • Sleep strategies

  • Self care


Each lecture has supporting activities and handouts for you to download and keep.

Following payment, you will receive an email with a link and code to redeem so you can start the course as soon as you like!

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