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Sleep Support 5 To 16 Years

We understand that some children can struggle with sleep throughout their childhood. We can offer advice and support on how to improve your child/ young person’s sleep in a gentle and respectful way based on their age, needs, emotional stage and sleep history.


We can offer a free 15 minute no-obligation discovery call about how we can help you, here.


We also run bespoke sleep workshops for postnatal or parenting groups, and within work, school and nursery settings, to cover all aspects of sleep, relevant to specific ages.

Sleep Workshops Available

Birth to 6 months

6 months to 3 years

3 – 5 years

Primary Age Children

Secondary Age Children

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The workshops run for 45 minutes to an hour with approximately 30 minutes at the end for individual questions. 

Workshops cover a number of subjects, which can be tailored to the needs of the group but for example would usually cover: sleep requirements by age, sleep hygiene, bedtime routines, blue light effects on sleep, the effects of poor sleep and diet on children’s ability to focus and concentrate at school, red flags for sleep issues, things parents can do to help their children settle easier at bedtime to get more sleep, and more.


Book as a group of friends and split the cost between participants, or on behalf of a school or workplace to provide essential age appropriate sleep information and strategies to enhance parents, pupils and/or employees wellbeing.

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